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I have several questions for you. One, can you put phone cases on redbubble. Two, if so, how much would they cost? I am in the market for one and I really wanted to support you and your art. Also I love your art, so it's a win-win-win all around. Thanks in advance.


I GOT GREAT NEWS FOR U (click for more cases yay)

Im expanding my redbubble shop recently and decided to put phone cases up with some of my recent work :D
Its not much yet but Im working on expanding the shop with more different designs!

I THINK the standard price is something like 28 Dollar…NOT THE CHEAPEST I KNOW but I cant lower it more than it already is.

ALSO THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR WANTING TO SUPPORT MY WORK LIKE DIS D’awwwww thats really awesome from you :’D

Yaaassss. I am hoping to get a Samsung soon, so this is the best news. Thank you Eleanor again for all your kindness.

My leetle poomkeen hat.

For my friend arosu-sama. I was saving it for a rainy day. Hope you have a good one, I’m rooting for you.

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Stuff I drew.

I drew some Goku horse today. Get a haircut you hippie. ( thehornlessminotaur) Edit: Frick, I screwed up on the chest scar. Whoops.






Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead

Why did the second monkey fall out of the tree?

It was hit by a falling monkey.

Why did the elephant open his umbrella?

It was raining monkeys. All for you the-chibster



How does an elephant get down from a tree?

He sits on a leaf as waits for the Fall.

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