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Hey, just letting you guys who actually care about my blog, there is going to be an art dump coming up when I get home. Not much, but art.


Pie in the Sky by dennybutt




Colombia, USA, Canada and Uruguay.

First Group: Here

Sorry if your country isn’t here. Might show up eventually.

Yeah friggen Canada


Doing more anthro practice, comment with a link to your character ref, regardless whether it’s anthro or quadruped, and I might draw your OC :)

Practice on Skylark. He seems like an easy target.


Drawn on Skype: MIA DoSian Nuke Imminent: ETA Monday 1st September

If you are part of the Drawn on Skype skype chat, please contact someone in the chat either by Tumblr or Skype to let them know you want to remain.

We are doing our regular inactive-member nuke to remove inactive accounts (either from abandoning them or general inactiveness on the chat) and will be removing everyone who doesn’t contact us.

Active members (as in, having been in the chat within the past two weeks) are safe, obviously, and don’t need to contact us.

You have until Monday 1st September.

At the same time, if you are interested in joining our mad chat, now is a wonderful time! Add me (shadowolfozo) on skype and just ask to be added :)

I’m still alive, I’m just not on as much anymore. I need to make some time.


Do you like Celestia? Or my art? Win this keychain !

(or card… its kind of big for keychain)

Hi guys! I have leftover since my keychain limited commission sale (one of commissioners ordered something and never actually paid or responded back to me) so I am going to offer it to my dear followers C:

About keychain:
- Its Celestia drew on on card
- card is laminated with key ring
- size of card : 10x6 cm (4x2,6 inch)

- you have to follow me to participate 
- you have to like this post to let me know you are joining in
- you don’t have to reblog this post, but its appreciated :)
- winner will be announced by notes, so have them turned on at 31. August!
- i will pick winner by using random generator
- winner have to share with me their adress (obviously since im going to send it)
- winner doesn’t pay any fees, I pay shipping.
- I ship prize worldwide 
- this raffle ends 31. August

Good luck!



R63 Nightmare Moon, 'Shadowsteed Noxus'.

I began this drawing journey drawing little ol’ Luna. Then it went nope and turned into this. I am very glad it did :)

Shadowsteed Noxus’ name was a collaboration effort from the people in DoS who were online at the time. We didn’t like the fanon name ‘Darkhorse Knight’ so we came up with a better one :) Kudos to you guys!

Comments, likes and reblogs greatly appreciated!! <3

A little dark, is there a slightly brighter version for the details?

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