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What’s this? A Drawing done of my favorite Tumblr blogs? Who might these wonderful ponies be? (In order from bottom to top)


A wonderfully sweet pony who runs a local fro-yo shoppe called the Sweet Hog. Run by a person who is wonderfully blessed with a gift for adorable art. (Also it’s her 1 year birthday!)


A crazy (but completely lovable) pony who loves his Jacky and loves to hug as well. An amazing artist to boot.


For the BEARRRRRRRRDsSSssSssssss. Also, the macho art style always has me looking at things in a new light. Like, What if that mare…LOOKED LIKE A STALLION!?!?


Mah favoritest person in the whole Tumblr world right here. This is the guy who inspired me to finally take up a pencil and make Horrible crude drawings of ponies (lol, how do I proportion) . I love you Skyly.


Oh Wiggles, how did you get here? Probably the inseperable bond between you and Skyly. And your humorousness and awesomeness. And your Sombra stuff is awesome.

6. Last and definitely not least,

A cutesy-wootsy story blog about the Doctor, but with a twist! The mod is a lovable person, but a bit shy. I love the artwork and the story line that he has.

I recommend you follow them if you don’t already. Highly so.

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